Motivational Speaker

Over ten years of speaking at churches, business meetings, seminars, luncheons, colleges and universities. As a motivational speaker, Darline gives you the tools necessary to become a better you. Sharing her story of abuse, pain, and hurt she touches a part of you that needs to be revived. She has inspired many around the world. Darline has revitalized the art of speaking as a great orator.

Life Coach

As a personal development life coach and leadership development coach it is my responsibility to act as a catalyst in my clients lives. I help people take their skills, both on a professional and personal level, to the next level. I challenge my clients to go beyond what they know and step into the unknown. It is there in the unknown that you will find the answers to life’s burning questions and become your best self.


Our seminars draw on the tenet of leadership to establish a collaborative learning to lead organizations through dynamic change. These small group lectures are most intimate and yield the best learning results through a conceptual thinking process to guide leaders through the experience of understanding, visualizing and leading change.


Our workshops are tailored specifically to each organizations’ need to produce maximum results. At its core, our training is based on goal setting and connecting with their team; inspiring greatness and empowering them. Get the insight and strategies to getting 100% commitment from your employees. Keep your team alert and motivated to produce the best results to lead your business over the competition.

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