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Darline Noël-Perpignan is an award-winning inspirational speaker with over 10 years of experience.

Despite her humble beginnings, Darline has been motivated through trials and error to pursue life without restrictions. She’s on a mission to help women turn their life stories to profit while finding purpose. After years of running a successful chain of dry cleanings business, founded a youth leadership organization (Leaders of Tomorrow), Darline, has taken her entrepreneurial and leadership skills to new heights. She is the CEO of NExcell Consulting.

She often recalls her childhood, reminiscing how she was as “shy” as a newborn puppy. In fact, she used to be made fun of, and would run away. She said growing up in a closed minded family from Petit-Goave, Haiti, she was never allowed to express her mind and feelings.

Life is different now. She embraces the woman she’s become. After experiencing the hardships of life, she wrote her bestseller “Through the Fall”. She explains how she was rejected and isolated as a young child. Things got worse. At the age of eight (8) she was molested by a family friend. Again, at thirteen she was molested by a family member. Even through those harsh and traumatizing events, she was blamed and called a liar, which caused her severe emotional distress to becoming more introverted and afraid. Finally, through hard work and perseverance all that changed because she never stopped dreaming that one day, she would share her story with the world.

As an adult, when she was given her first opportunity to speak in church, Darline, only remembers how her knees locked and her voice trembled. That didn’t stop her. She was determined to be a great speaker. She took voice lessons and public speaking classes while she continued to take on every small opportunity to speak in church. Her persistence triumphed! Her speaking skills were enhanced and people took notice.

Darline found her voice. Her confidence amplified. Now, she galvanizes transformation through storytelling using her authentic experiences and life’s journey to foster change, and stimulate the mind of her audiences. She’s committed to help perpetuate yesterday’s pain into unlimited growth potential by developing intrinsic skills to unleash divine strength by becoming a pure soul and obtaining destiny wealth.

Most importantly,  her stories inspire, innovate and transform the lives of her audiences. She is a “believable speaker”.

Darline, currently serves as the vice president of education of the Greater Stamford Toastmasters Club. She has a master’s degree in global development & peace from the University of Bridgeport.

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