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Through the Fall

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A Journal of Darline's Personal Life

With a paradigm shift in her perspective that ignites her attitude, Through the Fall is Darline Perpignan’s call to save her spiraling life within thirty days.

Lucid in her vision, Through the Fall offers a concise, step-by-step, proven strategy for a transformational lifestyle. From her personal experience of being molested, abused, manipulation, lies, and lustful addiction, Through the Fall teaches you how to:

– eradicate yourself from the problem (habits, people)
– stay true to yourself and faith;
– know how to ask the right questions (Who am I?)
– how to transform yourself to find your purpose through self- discovery.

Most importantly, reading Darline’s journey will help you accept who you are and discover you’re a “pure soul.” You’re an overcomer in spite of the enemy’s plans against you.