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Through the Fall

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A Journal of Darline's Personal Life

With a paradigm shift in her perspective that ignites her attitude, Through the Fall is Darline Perpignan’s call to save her spiraling life within thirty days.

Lucid in her vision, Through the Fall offers a concise, step-by-step, proven strategy for a transformational lifestyle. From her personal experience of being molested, abused, manipulation, lies, and lustful addiction, Through the Fall teaches you how to:

– eradicate yourself from the problem (habits, people)
– stay true to yourself and faith;
– know how to ask the right questions (Who am I?)
– how to transform yourself to find your purpose through self- discovery.

Most importantly, reading Darline’s journey will help you accept who you are and discover you’re a “pure soul.” You’re an overcomer in spite of the enemy’s plans against you.

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Did you know that a book…is the new college degree?

Yes. Really!

Think about this – How many people do you know with a bachelor’s and master’s degree and are not working in their field of studies?

Yeah my point exactly…!

The true value of that college degree isn’t turning out to be all it’s cracked up to be.

But writing a book? Now that’s something that is currently turning a lot of heads.

It is a proven and effective way for you to build solid:

> Credibility
> Influence
> Profit

I’m Darline Noel-Perpignan. I am the bestselling author of the book “Through the Fall”. My life’s journey has had many colors – from the nonprofit sectors, politics and to serving in the community.

Today as a writer, published author, transformational speaker, consultant and leadership coach, I have successfully coached over 50 clients in publishing their books, while helping businesses, nonprofits, and so many other clients with my 10+ year writing

During consultations with my clients I’ve realized they all have the same stories– they have lived incredible lives, with truly inspiring stories.

But their challenges remain—too afraid to write a book and share their incredible
story with the world.

Why is that?

Because all their fears only exist in their heads, hidden from the world while they waste so much energy, time and money trying to get their book done on their own for months,
years, even decades..

So now, my solution is simple. Help them write a book because not only is it a great way to share their unique real-life experiences, but it’s a fantastic way to set themselves apart to showcase their history and values of hard work and commitment; and to share the knowledge and authority they have in the form of a compelling story.

In my FREE Masterclass, I reveal this proven framework in the form of 4 simple Techniques.

Life, Profit, Purpose (LPP) – My 4 tips to writing a book

1. 4 Tips to writing a book
2. How to identify your specific story that sells
3. How to structure your message
4. How to gain credibility, visibility and influence

> Profitability
> Authority
> Credibility
> Visibility
> Influence 

Don’t waste any more time. Start the first page of the most successful chapter in your life today by writing a book that builds your authority and credibility in a way that can’t be challenged, while sharing your inspiring message to the world.


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